Preseason Checklist

To make sure you have all the information needed before the season starts we have prepared a checklist of items that will help you get ready for the upcoming season.


  • Photos - Please make sure that your Child's photo (headshot) is the most recent photo you have of them as this is the photo used for the league registration
  • Birth Certificate - If you are new to the program you will need to upload your Child's Birth Certificate just once. Once it becomes part of his profile you will not need to upload or send that in again.
  • Physical Forms - A new physical form is needed each year (download blank form here) and needs to be submitted to your Child's head coach at the start of every season.


  • Jersey Fittings - If you are a first year player or just need a new Jersey Set, we hold "Jersey Fitting" days during the registration processĀ  as well as at the end of registration to give everyone a chance to get fitted correctly for their jersey before the orders go in.
  • Equipment Handout - Just before the end of the school year you will receive an email about where and when to pick up your equipment. Each player will receive their Helmet (fitted and adjusted by the coach), Shoulder Pads, Practice Pants and Game Pants. The items you are responsible for is, MouthPiece and cleats.
    **If at anytime you have any issues with any of your equipment, please see your head coach or the equipment manager, DO NOT PLAY WITH BROKEN OR NON-FITTING EQUIPMENT

Clinic & Camps

  • Free Clinics - During the months of June and July we typically run 2 to 3 Free Football clinics. These clinics are for both coaches and players. It will introduce and speak about basic fundamentals as well roles and responsibilities of offense and defense, and what to expect in the upcoming season
  • Youth Camp - We are very fortunate to have our High School Varsity Coach (Coach Nimphius) provide a Summer Youth Camp with him and his staff. It's usually a 3 or 4 day camp and is very beneficial for new players to get a kick-start as well as seasoned players to hone their skills and get ready for the season. You can download the form here and send it to the RD HS Football Booster Club.


  • Pre-Season Practices - Will begin the 2nd week of August. Depending on your level and the coaches, pre-season practices are usually 4 days a week and about an hour and a half each. You will receive information from your head coach on that just before they start.
  • In-Season Practices - Depending on your level and the coaches, practices typically 3 days a week. The head coach will let you know what the schedule is

More info to come...