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Fundriaising is the life blood of most youth sports associations.

Being a 100% Volunteer and Self-funded association, without financial support from the towns, it is up to all of us to help keep the program running and growing.

Everything we do as an association has a cost to it, here are some of the things that we need to pay and account for each and every season..

Field Use Fees - A per hour fee for use of the fields DPAC & KBG

Athletic Safety Trainers - Safety is of the utmost importance to us and to that end, we hire Certified and Trained Athletic Traniers to be present and availabe at every game in case there are any injuries or issues for any player. Not only is it important for us as an association, but even more important for the volunteer youth coaches (most times just dads there to help) to make the call whether a child is okay to go back into a game or not. If there trainer says no, that is the end of the story, a coach can not override a trainer.

Officials - 4 Officials for all 3 games each week.

Equipment Reconditioning - After every season, we send ALL of our helmets to be Reconditioned and Certified for use through our helmet supplier Riddell.

These are just a few of the larger fees through the season along with countless others as well.

That being said, to help pay for these, we have outlined 4 areas that help us do just that and we depend on our members for their support:

  • Raffle Fundraiser - Mandatory at sign up. (Only one $75 Fee per Tackle and/or $50 Fee per Flag family). 
  • Drink Donation - Mandatory based on each level (1 case of soda, water or Gatorade) ($10 worth)
  • Kickoff Party - The pre-season party we started doing last year with music and food provided. This is to get everyone together and ready to spend the RD Football Season Together!
    This party is a "Come if you want to have a good time" option.
  • Spirit Wear - Throughout the season, there will be spirit wear items available for sale online.
    It is totally up to if you would like to buy if you want it, or not.